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How To Wire A Hot Tub?

How to wire a hot tub
Written by Chloe Starr

 Are you looking for detailed DIY (do it yourself) tips on how to wire a hot tub for a relaxing bath for you and your family?

 Well, it’s time you focus more on a smooth wiring process than worry about the hazards that come with mixing electricity and water which is more or less a natural instinct.

 This anxiety could only load to going over every DIY guide you meet trying to get the correct procedure and the result would be more confusion.

 Well since it seems like everyone has a piece of advice to offer on wiring a tub, I have come up with a step by step guide to help you avoid going the wrong way and even troubleshoot when things aren’t working.

 You are probably a very busy person and taking your time to read this guide takes away precious time that you could have to spend otherwise.

 But then again, these tips will save your valuable time and give the specifics for a quick installation of your home hot tub as recommended by the National Electric Code.

 So let’s dive straight into it.


 No. 8 AWG solid copper wires

 GFCI Circuit breaker

How To Wire A Hot Tub

 Flexible Plastic conduit

How To Wire A Hot Tub


How To Wire A Hot Tub

 Hot tub

How To Wire A Hot Tub

 Additional Outlet 120V

How To Wire A Hot Tub

 Check your Service Panel

How To Wire A Hot Tub

 Since you have decided to do the wiring yourself, get started.


 Though this step is ignored by many people since most home electricity systems are rated at 100 amps and will support the power requirements of a hot tub, I recommend you confirm if your home does.

wire hot tub gfci

 The first step is to check the service panel. Here, we are looking for open slots with sufficient amperage power (at 240V) to support the electrical requirements of your new tub.

 You will need two adjacent slots to install the circuit breaker which supplies power to the 240-volt circuits.


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 Now that you have confirmed your home service panel can support your tub, the next thing to worry about is avoiding electrocution.

wire hot tub pump

 Look for a colored terminal or one marked G, Grounding, GR or Grounding located inside the service panel/terminal box.

 Connect this terminal it to the grounding means of the service panel with NEC recommended 8.4mm2 (No.8 AWG) solid copper wire which is linked to other conductors supplying the hot tub.

 You will need to do this, as a measure taken to reduce the risk of electrocution.


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 Avoid future risks of electrocution by connecting any metallic objects around your tub to the grounding bus you created in step 2.

wire hot tub breaker

 Use a copper wire not smaller than #6 AWG copper conductor (insulated or not) to connect the “BONDING LUGS” terminals which you will see on your home service panel to a local bonding grid in the area near your hot tub

 Next connect all field-installed metallic such ladders, rails, drains and others within 3 meters of the hot tub to the grounding bus using copper wires not smaller than # 6 AWG.


 Well, we are now getting closer to hooking up your tub to the power source, aren’t we?

 In this step, you will need to extend the electrical service to the location of the tub.

 Using your separate electrical outlet of 240V, connect the tub to the electricity power source since Most hot tub equipment are designed to operate on 240 volts, 60 Hz A.C current wiring.

hot wire tube cutter

 Your electrical supply for the hot tub must include 240V circuit breaker or switch to open and ungrounded supply wires as recommended by the National Electric Code (NEC)

 Add an emergency shutdown box

 Create a sub-panel and add GFCI circuit breaker to it to act as a disconnect switch at a visible location.

 NEC recommends you add an emergency GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupt) shutoff box not less than 5 feet or exceeding 50 feet from your hot tub.

wire for hot tub what is required

 This box is to provide you with easy access to a shutoff switch to cut off all power to the tub in case of an emergency. The GFCI circuit will instantly cut-off power supply to the tub if it detects a ground fault or short.

 Also, be sure to go through the manufacture’s manual for emergency shutoff tips if a GFCI malfunctions.

 Sometimes the tub will come with an integral GFCi protection, which means you won’t need an additional GFCI circuit breaker, check the manufacture’s manual to confirm if yours does.


 Now that our power is ready, you can now assemble the hot tub using the following procedure.

wire a hot tub
  • Use a screwdriver to unscrew the tub’s access panel/power control system to other parts and put aside the panel.
  • Loosen the 2 screws located at the bottom front of the blue power control panel of the hot tub.
  • Using either a A” flexible, non-metallic conduit ( a #10 or #8 AWG wire hot tub) or 1” flexible conduit (for a #6 AWG wire hot tub) to cover the wire from the power source through a hole in the right or left front corner and into tub’s control panel.
  • After you have pulled all 4 conduits covered wires into the equipment control box, connect each to its appropriate terminals as is shown by the wiring diagram, usually on the lid of the control panel of your hot tub.
  • Configure all jumpers in the correct position as shown in the connection diagram on the lid of the control panel of your hot tub. Tighten all the wires are properly to avoid broken circuits due to loose connections when it is time to enjoy your tub.

 Close the lid of the control panel of your hot tub and tightly secure with the screws.

 And just like that you have wired your home hot tub and ensured that all the power needs and safety measures are sorted out. Is there any point you missed?

 I bet not, I thoroughly looked into all aspects to get you the all the wiring details here.

 However, I would appreciate your feedback if these steps worked for you. If it did, don’t hesitate to click share and help your friend wire their hot tub.

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