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 By the time I married my wife, the girl in my dream, I've thought that my life will go smoothly. But no, because there is too many things that I don't even know that it even existed, like Repair Plumbing (I need to call a Plumber, it cost me $342 AFTER my house it flooded with water), burglar system, and many no name things... which my wife don't know about either.

 Luckily, I've found this website which share all the tips to make my life go easier... So no matter what you are old or young, man or woman I think you should explore this site and know a little bit so you and your partner don't mess up like ours !

Chloe Blog Owner

As a widow, I understand how hard to Own A Home yourself, and all the problems you will face and you can't keep relying on other people. I create this Blog for only one reason : Help People, even the one who don't know about fixing the smallest thing like me before to the one who wants to Improve Their House. Let's make the house not only the place to STAY but also where to ENJOY.