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How Much Does A Draftsman Cost?

how much do draftsman charge per hour
Written by Chloe Starr

 Who is a draftsman? A draftsman or rather a drafter comes up with plans when you are constructing a new home or when you are renovating your home.

 A draftsman usually is less expensive as compared to architect or a building designer but his/her plans should be approved by a structural engineer. The question you probably asking yourself is the cost of hiring a draftsman?


 Before you choose a draftsman there are many factors to consider rather than the only cost. Other factors to consider include is the draftsman licensed as required by the law.

 You should also consider the scope of the project as draftsmen are best suited for smaller, less complex and simpler jobs.


 The cost of hiring a draftsman varies greatly from each drafter and they may charge per hour or the scope of the project. The cost of hiring may depend on some of the factors discussed below:


 The type of plan can either be a detailed plan or preliminary plans. A detailed plan usually cost more because the draftsman would need some assistance from an engineer in some aspects of the plan.

how much does a draftsman cost in sydney

 A preliminary plan is less costly as the draftsman would work from a concept design and less costly procedures are required thereby cutting the cost greatly.


 The cost of hiring a draftsman may vary according to the experience of the draftsman.

 A highly skilled and experienced draftsman who uses Computer Aided Design (CAD) in generating the house plans is highly likely charge more as compared to a less skilled or experienced draftsman.

 The workload is also a very significant factor when deciding the cost since most draftsmen would charge hourly rates calculated from the total cost of the project.

 According to https://www.homeimprovementpages.com.au draftsmen estimate their charges on hourly rates ranging from $90 to $180 an hour.

how much does a draughtsman cost

 Some examples of typical renovations projects are listed accompanied by their charges.

 1. Small room extension costs $2,800

 2. Medium rooms costs $3200

 3. Full redesign or renovation of a full house costs $3900

 The above prices are subject to change and are not constant.


 To guarantee quality, additional expenses must be incurred to hire a structural engineer, architect or a general contractor to review the plans proposed by the draftsman before the construction begins.

 This may be costly to you but is a good idea as it guarantees durability and safety. A soil test and surveyors reports are also essential services which increase the cost of draftsmanrom.

 This may be costly to you but is a good idea as it guarantees durability and safety. A soil test and surveyors reports are also essential services which increase the cost of draftsmanrom.

 https://www.homeimprovementpages.com.au puts the figure at anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 for all the additional charges and approval rates.

how much does a draftsman charge


  Location really important in determining the cost of hiring a draftsman?

Yes! Projects which are located in urban areas are likely to cost more as compared to those that are located in non-urban areas. This is because permits are usually cost a lot more in urban areas as compared to non-urban.

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 According to https://www.fixr.com/costs/draftsman the cost of permits varies according to the size of the home and its jurisdiction. The permits are charged separately and cost approximately $300 to $ 1200.

 How much does a draftsman cost? We have adequately answered your question from the subjects discussed above.

 It is important you realized that the cost of hiring a draftsman varies greatly but they generally cost lower as compared to architects and are usually a cost effective solution when you are need of design services.

how much do draftsman charge for house plans

 Before choosing a draftsman, it's important you estimate the cost of the project by incurring about prevailing market rates from local draftsmen who are widely available.

 This will greatly inform you of how to choose a draftsman who would deliver a high-quality result at a very cost efficient rate.





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