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How To Match Wall Texture Like An Expert

how to match wall texture when painting
Written by Chloe Starr

 Are you having trouble matching an existing wall texture and recreating it? Nothing puts more positive atmosphere and energy in your room as much as brand new perfectly matched wall texture.

 If you are looking for a step by step guide on how to put this into practice, you’ve come to the right place. I was once in your shoes, having trouble achieving the same wall texture and matching it with the existing one, and now I am ready to show you how it’s done.

How to match wall texture 2017

 And guess what, with just a few methods of doing it, and knowing how to do it right, it is an easy job doable in few steps


 In order to start the matching of the wall texture, you will need to know the exact same way the previous texture was created, the one that you are trying to match.

 Since there are several methods of applying the texture on the wall, you will need to find out how it was applied, and you can see this by checking the details of the texture or contacting an expert.

How to match wall texture

 Some of the textures that are applied by spraying or rolling are quite easy to copy and to match since there is a tool that does most of the work, while on the other side if the texture was applied by a texture knife, it needs some time to make it look the same.

 It is all in the pattern of the texture, when you are working with a special tool made for the job, you are copying and following a certain pattern, while using a knife and your hand, the pattern and the carving is irregular, therefore it’s harder to copy, but not impossible, it will simply take more time to do so.


 So, once that you are familiar with the pattern and the texture that you want to match, you can start working on your wall. The first step that you need to do is to make sure that you have all the necessary tools for the job.

  • Depending on the kind of the wall texture that you are matching, you will need the following tools:
  • Paint
  • Drywall Knife
  • Texture Roller
  • Manual Sprayer
  • Drywall Primer
how to match wall texture new york

 If you are going for the manual irregular pattern texture on your wall, you will be needing the drywall knife, and if you are going for some of the manual patterns for textures like Orange peel, Stipple, Popcorn or similar already designed textures, you will need the sprayer.


Step 1 : Preparing The Wall

 The first thing to do when starting to apply the texture is prepared the wall for the job, and that is, make sure it’s as smooth as possible, and dry completely.

 Even though you control the bumps of the wall through applying the matching texture, they won’t cover up completely if there are any bigger ones, therefore we need the wall to be completely smooth in order to get the result that we have imagined.

How to match Wall Texture New York

 Also, the wall needs to be dry in order for the texture to be applied to it and stick.

Step 2 : Applying The Texture

 Now it’s time to put the desired texture and add a little touch of the texture that you have chosen.

 If you are using the manual patterns most of the job is during this process, therefore I would suggest you practice a little bit with the tool that you are using before applying directly on the wall that you wish to match the texture.

how do you match wall texture

 If you are using the manual methods with the Drywall knife, then this process of applying is just a preparation for the work that will be done later with the knife. Once you get comfortable with the tool you are using, start applying it to the wall.

Step 3 : Skimming

 If there is a previous texture underneath the new texture you are applying, the job will be much easier when it comes to applying the new texture and sticking on the wall, as well as the amount of material needed on the wall.

 But the job of making the texture itself will not get any easier since already the bumps and the not so smooth wall is there.

 Since more and more houses prefer textured walls over smooth standard ones, this is a technique developed over the last several years or the last decade. 

It is skinning, or as the wall experts call it Skimming – it is slightly removing the textured wall, but not completely, as the bottom part of the wall, or the base that keeps the texture of the wall stays.

 Removing the top part of the texture with a large towel specified for this purpose will give the wall the necessary smoothing, just enough for the new layer of material to be added, stick, and ready to be texturized.


    • If you are applying more than one layer of material on the wall before creating the texture, it is highly recommended for every next layer to be applied from the opposite side, as it has proven to give better results.
    • If you are recreating and matching an already made texture, apply it in the same way the previous one was applied.
    • To match the existing texture exactly as it is, use the same methods and tools used while applying the old one (if you know them).
    • This varies from the person making the previous texture, from the method he used (If it’s a manually applied method, it’s difficult to match, but with a little effort and time in it, it is job done)
    • Matching a wall texture also requires the same amount of thickness of material applied on the wall. You don’t want your new applied texture to be few centimeters below the level of the previous one, or vice versa, as the eye can catch this problem and once it’s seen it is disturbing and doesn’t look good.
    How to match Wall Texture quickest

    A Beautiful and Friendly Wall Really Make the House Home !


 This is a great Video I found on DIY Duke Channel, a clear and easy for new people watch and learn! That's "How to Repair Drywall and Match Texture" video.

 We really hope that you enjoyed the guide How To Matching Wall Texture, and I hope that this step by step guides and tips will help you recreate your existing wall texture exactly as it is.

 A good job done on a wall texture will not only join all of the walls as one, but will make the place more positive, full of energy, and not to mention the joy of the smoothness of the wall and cravings of the textures.

 After doing this, on a smooth wall you can place whatever you want, without having to search for the ultimate spot to place the picture to cover a bump or to hide a fail in matching the texture. For me, I hung my son's pictures on the wall, which looks really good.

How to match Wall Texture Living Room

Pictures Really Make The Room Better 😀

 So, leave a comment on how we helped you with this how to guide or on how we can make it even better. If there is some different topic that you need help on, don’t hesitate to ask Chloe. Thank you!


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