Important : How Long is Paint Good For Use?

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 When it comes painting one’s home, there are a lot of questions that run in people’s heads. Not everyone has the answer to the question mentioned above. And that is the reason, we have answers to one of the most asked questions, that is, ‘how long is paint good for use?’

 For painting novices, there is a broad range of variables that affects the durability of the paint. The factors determine how long the exterior paint of your house will last. It makes it critical for people to take each and every variable affecting the house paint to be taken seriously into consideration.

Factors Affecting The Life Of Paint

 As mentioned earlier, there are variable factors that come into play when determining the shelf life of the paint. The factors people should keep in mind while finding solutions to the question ‘how long is paint good for use?’ is as follows:

how long is paint good for home 2017

  • Surface Preparation

 You should start off by preparing the surface where you need to apply the paint before the actual painting begins. When it comes to new surfaces, they need to be primed as the priming the wood seals it along with bonding the surface of the top coat of paint to the wood.

 A surface left without any primer has the potential to allow the paint moisture leak into the wood and cause the wood to rot from within.

  • The Quality of Paint

 The quality of paint also plays a vital role in determining how long the paint lasts; better quality paints contain more amount of bonding materials than lower quality paints or cheaper paints. A good quality paint pack costs around £15 to £20.

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 Thus, you should always make sure to choose good quality paint for painting your home because choosing poor quality paints means opting to repaint your home every few years which in turn would burn a hole in your pocket.

  • Painting Temperature to be maintained

  Painting is not a fun job as it involves lots of technicalities; one should not be applying paint when the temperature is above 32°C or take up the job of painting your house on a scalding summer’s day.

 The advice above is given by experts because the hot temperatures cause paint to dry much quickly than it should be in mild temperatures.

 The bonding materials of paint become less efficient and do not bond to the surface on which the paint is used like they should, that is making the painting bond weaken quickly.

Storing The Leftover Paints

 There are times when we happen to be left with lots of unused and unopened cans of paints. We simply can’t throw them away. Thus, we bring some tips for storing the leftover paint in the best possible way, and these are as follows:

  • Testing to Make Sure the Paint is Useable

 It is a myth that unopened cans of paint don’t last at all, as a matter of fact, they can last upto years if they are stored properly. All the water-based acrylic and latex paints can last up to ten years while the oil-based and alkyd paints can last up to fifteen years.

how long is paint good for home

 The key is not to expose the paint cans whether opened or not to extreme heat as they can be ruined which in turn would render the content useless.

  • Opened Paint Cans Are Useable

how long is paint good for home 2017

 The opened cans of paint can still be used if stored the right way. Since the opened cans of paint develop a thick layer on top which can be easily removed with the help of a painting stick to examining the paint underneath.

 In case, the paint underneath the top layer blends in smoothly; it can be easily used for the painting task in future.

  • Checking for Lumps

 Not everyone can manage to keep the opened cans of paints away from exposure to extreme temperatures. The exposure propels the formation of lumps in the paint which might still make the paint useable.

 The key here is to pour the paint with lumps through a paint strainer for getting rid of the lumps and proceeding to the painting job without wasting any paint.

  • Storing the Paint the Right Way

storing the paint in the best way for home

 You should always store the paint, either opened or unopened indoors and away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

 For opened cans of paint, you should always wrap a sheet of plastic over the paint’s can for along with placing a hammer on top of the lid for avoiding the formation of lumps in it.

Final Verdict

 The tips and answers mentioned earlier are in relation to the most frequently asked question of ‘how long is paint good for use?’ are very helpful if you follow them diligently.  

 For any help in storing paints the right way, don’t forget to post your queries below and we will get back to you soon. You will never have to waste a single drop of paint if you follow all the tips and points mentioned above.

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