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How To Easily Replace Circular Light Bulb In The RIGHT Way

How To Replace Circular Bulb
Written by Chloe Starr

 Replacing a light bulb is one of the simplest tasks you can embark on. However, when the time to change the bulbs comes you may have a difficult time in changing the light bulb. But still, there's some unpredictable accidents if you don't do it carefully in the right way.

Light Bulb

 The question on how to replace circular light bulbs can be tackled well by first understanding what it is that you are dealing with. As most light bulbs come with the how to use instruction on the box, sometimes it becomes a little tricky in handling them.

 Understanding the type of bulb you need is key and very vital when it comes to purchasing the bulbs for replacement. There are four factors, which you should put into consideration while purchasing any bulb.


# 1  The wattage of the bulb that you are replacing or. This is helpful to avoid replacing your bulb with one that has either high wattage or low wattage to what you have originally.

Wattage of The Bulb

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# 2 The color temperature of the bulb. It should be according to your preference as well.

How To Replace Circular Bulb Tips

# 3 Most circular bulbs cannot be used in just any fixture. Therefore, while buying the bulb, be certain that the light bulb is exactly the same has the one being replaced. In addition, ensure that there are no manufacturer specifications

How To Replace Circular Bulb Fluorescent In US

# 4 The diameter of the bulbs matters. While buying the bulbs, make sure you buy the right size. You can go with measurements to be sure of the right size that will need.

How To Replace Circular Bulb Fast

 After getting the right bulb that you want to replace follow the following few steps to help you in replacing the bulb you just bought.


 Before replacing any bulb at home, safety measures have to be put first. Therefore, anytime you intend on handling anything that is related to electricity, the power should be put off first. Even when handling a simple task like changing a light bulb.

Put off power

​ After switching the power off, use a power tester to test the fixtures so as to verify that the power is completely off before going to the next step of replacing the bulb.


 ​Most bulb fixtures are usually at a level that is not reachable from the ground, therefore the next step in replacing a circular light bulb is looking for a step ladder and placing it underneath the bulb fixture so has to replace the bulbs comfortably and safely.

Replace Bulb With Ladder


​ In this step, you first remove the first bulb that needs to be replaced by rotating it while still holding it at the end. You rotate until it stops, in this action; you rotate the prongs that project from all the ends of the fluorescent bulb.

 This way you get the bulb to slide downwards and out of the fixtures. (For fluorescent tube bulbs)


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 Just as you have removed the florescent bulb replacing it is as easy as removing it from the fixtures. You take the bulb that you want to replace and slide it into the sockets at the end of the fixture.

 You do this slowly and making sure that the prongs fit and line up with the socket holes, then you rotate the tube slowly and gently until you hear it lock firmly.

How To Replace Circular Bulb Washington


You simply switch the power back on to see if the bulb is working or not.

Switch Power To Check Bulb

 Feels like easy as Pie ? True, if you are careful, it's just a simple task that everybody can do it smoothly. Slow but sure.

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