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How to Install a Peephole Quickly and Effectively

how to install a peephole in front door
Written by Chloe Starr

 Are you planning to install a peephole in your door to add more security? Well, peepholes are small devices that are fixed in the front of the door to let you see who is there outside.


 If you are living alone in a crime prone area or are just tired of dealing with the salesman, then installing a peephole would be a good option. Adding a door viewer or peephole in the door is very simple. To help you in the process, I have brought up a list of how to install a peephole quickly and effectively.

How Does A Peephole Work?

 A peephole lets you view the entire size of the visitor at your door which your small window probably can’t. The trick of this little device is that you would be able to see the person right at your door but the person would in turn not be able to see you.

 Some of you might wonder how exactly it happens; this basic information is just for them.


 Each peephole consists of the fisheye lens within it which when seen from one direction, takes up a wide view field and the other direction takes a narrow field of view.

 After the peephole is correctly installed, the fisheye lens accumulates the rays of light together. This even helps to assure that you could be able to see the person outside your door clearly every time.

Initial Planning Aspects To Be Considered

#1 Matching Your Handle Set

 Peepholes are quite cheaper. A good peephole would cost you just a few dollars. It could be installed very quickly and in a simpler way.

 You would just have to be perfect about measuring before installing and set it carefully while drilling through your door.

#2 Thickness Of Door

 At first, you would have to measure your door’s thickness. Maximum doors are nowadays of 1” thick but the old doors could vary in thickness or width. However, no matter whether your door is older or new, you would be able to find a suitable peephole for all of them.

#3 Determining The Right Design

 Peepholes come in distinctive view ranges which are possible for the disparities of the fisheye lens. Some designs would allow you to see the visitor entirely while other designs would only permit you to see the visitor till the waist. Hence, it would depend on you what design you would want to be safer.

how to install peephole in fiberglass door

#4 Selecting The Right Place To Set

 Maximum people are of this view that peepholes have to be directly placed at the door’s center. But you wouldn’t have to install like this. If you can view better from a certain angle of your door, you could set the peephole in that place only.

 The main logic behind it is that you could set your peephole in any place from where you get the explicit view of the visitors.

#5 Determining The Perfect Height


 Determining the perfect height would be one of the most significant aspects of installing a peephole. If a peephole is placed too high, it would not be beneficial for children especially while they are alone.

 Hence, while taking measurements, it would be important to ensure that everybody in the house can peer out from that height quickly.

Instructions To Install The Peephole

Step 1: Determining The Drill Bit Size

 The appropriate size of the drill bit to be used would depend upon the peephole. If by any chance the peephole’s size is not mentioned in packaging, you would have to measure the barrel’s diameter to determine the drill bit’s size.

how to install peephole in door

Step 2: Setting The Peephole In Perfect Place

 Now you would have to decide about the place to set the peephole. For that, you would have to configure the peephole at the level of the eye for the shortest individual of your family. Hence, at first, you would need to mark that area from inside and after that measure the center across the door

how to install a peephole camera

 If you are having a door consisting narrow central panel, then you could not put the peephole there. Instead, you would have to put it in one of the deeper panel sides.

Step 3: Employing The Tape

 After measuring the position of the mark which you made just inside the door, you would have to put some tape over there. Likewise, the same process would have to be repeated for the other side opening the door.

 After properly checking the measurements to line up correctly, you would have to again put the tape outside.

 This tape would stop the door to splinter while drilling on it to assure a professional and clean looking finish.

Step 4: Drilling Through The Door

how to install peephole in wood door

 Now you would have to drill carefully through the door. For drilling, you would need to offer light pressure thereby trying to break through the door wood slowly and steadily. If your door is sunken, you would feel the defiance stop while breaking through the wood’s first layer.

 You would need to keep the drill quite steady and keep on drilling till it breaks through the second layer. Likewise, the hole will go through the door all the way.

Step 5: Peeling Off The Tape

 At this stage, you would have to peel off the tape from the door and mop the dust away. If it is required, you could even sand the interior of the hole to smooth any rough edges

Step 6: Setting The Peephole

 The peephole has to be unscrewed now so that you are left with two parts. You would need to put the lens’ part through the hole to place the lens outside of your door.

how to install peephole door

 Then, taking the viewport part, you would have to put it inside of the door.After putting the two parts correctly on both the sides, you would need to hold the exterior part steadily and then hand tight the peephole.

Step 7: Installing The Peephole Finally

 You could use anything with a blunted blade to complete tightening the screws of the peephole. A screwdriver set including flat, large blades could be a great option for it. However, a scraper, plaster scapula or any other things that fit the hole would solve the purpose.

Finally, your peephole would be successfully installed.


 Well, we hope that our explained ways of how to install a peephole would help you a lot. Peephole might not be the best safety gadget available in the market, but this small device would be much worthy being a cheap safety tool. The entire process of installing a peephole will become simpler if you follow our information.

 However, if you have any suggestions that we might have missed mentioning, please let us know in the comments section below. We would be happy to know it from you and also don’t forget to mention how much you liked it.

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