How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Paint?

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 Have you just painted a room and you don't like the smell of paint? Depending on the type of the product you used, the walls will take hours to dry and even longer for the smell to disappear.

 The solution is easy when you paint your house in the summer is: open all the windows to ensure proper ventilation and quick removal of the paint odor. But, if you paint it in winter you will have to see other solutions!

 When we have our own home, taking care of it and have it in good aspects makes us feel proud. A fundamental requirement to achieve this is to take care of the appearance of our walls, for which we must paint them from time to time.


 Maybe the simple fact of remodeling your home is annoying, but the worst comes without a doubt when you want to 'premiere' your newly painted rooms and you must withstand the strong smell that comes from them.

 Well, this is not absolutely necessary, did you know that there are homemade tricks to eliminate the smell of paint? We will not need to open all the windows to avoid the smell. Besides, you can eliminate it with things we have at home, I leave a series of tips in case they help:

1. Vanilla Extract

get rid of paint smell in room

Get Rid Of The Smell Of Paint With Vanilla Extract

 As the saying goes, "better safe than sorry", you can avoid the strong and annoying smell of fresh varnish by using vanilla extracts. The trick is only to pour a few drops of vanilla extract into the paint jar.

 It will quite neutralize the smell, if you decide to use this trick pour Approximately two tablespoons per liter of paint.

2. A​mmonia

get rid of paint smell in car

Get Rid Of The Smell Of Paint With Ammonia

​ Of course, ventilating is the most appropriate approach if we think of our health. But if it is very cold and the smell is very strong, you could leave in each room a bucket with half a liter of cold water and two tablespoons of ammonia. That smell will gradually disappear.

​3. Coffee

get rid of paint smell on wood

​Get Rid Of The Smell Of Paint With Coffee

  If you are even more annoyed by the smell of ammonia than paint, you can opt for the coffee trick. It is about leaving in each room a glass with a little bit of ground coffee as this is very effective. Also, if you want you can put used coffee so it neutralizes the smell fastest.

​4. Removes The Smell Of Varnish With Salt

get rid of paint smell from furniture

Get Rid Of The Smell Of Paint With Salt

 ​If you have finished varnishing a piece of furniture and cannot stand the persistent smell, place a pair of containers filled with fine salt near the furniture. Salt will do the job and will absorb the odor.

5. ​Charcoal

get rid of paint smell naturally

Get Rid Of The Smell Of Paint With Charcoal

​The charcoal is perfect because it is a natural product that will not harm the room or the people who have to sleep in it.

 Place containers with little of charcoals all over the room, and replace them from time to time until you get the desired effect. It is advisable to leave the windows slightly open when using this trick.

6. ​Onion

	get rid of paint smell onion

​Get Rid Of The Smell Of Paint With Onion

​ Another natural product that absorbs odors is onion. Grab a container, place a sliced up onion in it with some water, and place it in the room that has been painted. You'll realize that this will slowly absorb the smell and it will make it disappear.

 Of course, you should keep in mind that after you do this there is a slight probability that it will be left some smell of paint and you will need to ventilate the room to remove it completely.

​7. White Vinegar

	get rid of paint smell vinegar

Get Rid Of The Smell Of Paint With White Vinegar

​ You can remove this smell with just placing several containers of white vinegar in your newly painted room with the windows being slightly ajar. Do this for several days, changing the vinegar of the containers daily.

 This product is very effective, especially when you have used all of the above tricks and still, there is a little smell of paint left.

​8. Warm Milk

get rid of paint fumes quickly

​Get Rid Of The Smell Of Paint With Warm Milk

​ This trick is very easy and efficient. You can put cups of warm milk in some parts of the room as this is a very effective way to remove the smell of paint.

 Milk, such as charcoal, has the ability to absorb the odors found in any environment, and will not cover the room with another smell.

​9. Incense

get rid of paint smell after painting

​Get Rid Of The Smell Of Paint With Incense

​ You can also use incense to fight this type of intense odors. You can use pine or eucalyptus, to neutralize the smell of paint. Also, you can use along with any of the mentioned tricks, such as the onion or the coffee.

​10. Caramel

	how to get rid of paint smell after decorating

Get Rid Of The Smell Of Paint With ​Caramel

​ Let’s make some Caramel! This trick tells us to use only 3 tablespoons of sugar and one of water inside a pot. Place it on a moderate fire and remove it, It will begin to give off the smell so characteristic of caramel that will cover the one of the painting. (Beware, do not let it burn)

11. ​Coconut

get rid of acrylic paint smell

Get Rid Of The Smell Of Paint With Coconut

​ When the coconut shell gets burned it becomes an excellent natural flavoring so it will cover the smell of paint.

​12. Bicarbonate Of Sodium

how to get rid of paint smell in a closet

Get Rid Of The Smell Of Paint With Bicarbonate Of Sodium

 ​This trick is also a good helper to help you to end the odor of fresh varnish, as this work as a neutralizer. These tricks consist in putting several mini recipients with sodium bicarbonate in the room and leave it for a few hours.

​13. Open The Windows

how to get rid of paint smell inside a room

Get Rid Of The Smell Of Paint By ​Open the windows

​ It is one of the most obvious of the tips that you can use. However, it deserves to be remembered: Ventilate everything you can and make sure the environment is dry and free of moisture.

​14. Camphor & Naphthalene

air purifier to get rid of paint smell

Get Rid Of The Smell Of Paint With ​Camphor and Naphthalen

​ This trick is only burning some of the Camphor. This should be made with a lot of caution as Naphthalene balls can be poisonous so make sure small children do not swallow them.

15. ​Herbs

get rid of bad paint smell

​Get Rid Of The Smell Of Paint With ​Herbs

​ Using Herbs like basil and rosemary have very strong smells. If you put some of these herbs within the room temporarily it might help you fight the smell of paint.

16. ​Garlic Cloves

how to get rid of paint smell in bathroom

Get Rid Of The Smell Of Paint With Garlic cloves

​ Another natural trick is to hang up a few cloves of garlic in front of a fan running at full power against freshly painted walls.

 This will help you to neutralize the odor. Ps, the garlic has a strong smell so keep your room ventilated.

​Good To Know

  • You can avoid toxic fumes altogether by choosing natural paints made from plants, clay, minerals or milk
  • Never apply a new coat of latex or oil paint before the last coat has fully dried.
  • Follow the drying instructions that comes on the label and leave it extra drying time.
  • Get a lot of sunshine. The easiest way to dry up your walls is with getting sun raids. The quickest the wall gets dried the quickest the smell leaves you alone! Therefore, ventilate your room and let the sun do its job.

​ With the tricks mentioned above, you can see that there are very simple ways to remove the smell of paint using homemade methods. And the most amazing part is that you will get a stay with a pleasant aroma and a new decoration.

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