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How Long Will Food Last In The Freezer Without Power?

How Long Will Food Last In The Freezer Without Power
Written by Chloe Starr

  The freezer is part and parcel in our continuous life. I'm a mom, so it is a very necessary matter for me to know about the staying capability of a fridge without power to prevent food poisoning have a plan to store food. I think everyone must have knowledge about it too. So let's start exploring it with Chloe and Yellow Monkey!


  A refrigerator is a machine where foods and drinks items are kept in order to keep them frozen and undamaged for a long period of time. It is definitely an essential part for all of us to keep the food in it safely.



  Knowing the working method of a refrigerator is a very important matter. At this, it can be run in an accurate way. For refrigeration, you have to know two things:

  • Gas chills down on the extension
  • According to the law of physics, two diverse temperatures touched or near each other, the hotter exterior cools and the colder surface warms up.

Some Basics

There are five basic components in the cycle of refrigeration :

1. A compressor

2. A fluid refrigerant

3. The evaporator coils

4. The condenser coils and

5. An expansion device.

  The compressor is an essential source of a freezer to control the flow of refrigerant. On the outside of the fridge, the condenser coils are set while the evaporator coils are kept on the inside of the fridge. This setting arranges the materials of the fridge properly.

  At this, the place of the food items is built methodically. The heat pump is a very important component of the refrigerator. This module is used to transmit temperature from the inner side to the outer side. At this, the inside of the fridge remains cold and the items of the foods remain safe.

  Moreover, the food thermometer is included with it. The performance of this meter is to measure the degree of the Fahrenheit and show the measurement perfectly. This matter confirms the staying capability of the refrigerators without power appropriately.

Ways Of Holding The Same Temperature Inside:

  The perfect temperature in the freezer can properly be recognized using a device called a thermocouple/ thermometer. If the warmth arrives at an appropriate level, this machine automatically locks up the electricity to the compressor.

  This procedure helps to control and hold the level of the heat. In the case of the leak in any place, this device performs effectively.

The Use Of Appliance Thermometer

  The staying capability of a refrigerator without power can clearly be realized by using an appliance thermometer. This is an effective meter to measure the temperature in the freezer. Load shedding is an unexpected issue to you.

But if it occurs because of any un-predicted reason, you will not feel easy to think about the foods kept in the freezer.

  You can be disappointed to think of the sustainability of the items. The connection of electricity can be disconnected due to any reason. At this moment, you should not open the door of the freezer.

. You can observe the indication of the thermometer and become conscious about the effectiveness of the different food items.

​To know the tips to organize food and drinks in a refrigerator, you can see the following video:


  The staying capability of a refrigerator without power is a very significant issue to you all. It is undoubtedly a very inquisitive topic to you. In this case, the result of some profound surveys is as follows:

  •  If the freezer is full and the door is unopened, the food items can remain safe more or less 48 hours without power.
  •  If the freezer is half-full and the door is closed, the items kept in it will be safe and sound something like 24 hours. Keeping the entrance closed has actual maintaining ability of cold temperature.
How Long With Food Last In Fridge Without Power New York

  Although, I found out that the staying potentiality of all food items is not same. From another exploration, the followings are found:

  • All the food items kept into the freezer will remain safe at least 4 hours without the connection of power.
  • The foods which can be damaged after 4 hours are poultry, meat, eggs, cooked leftovers, fish, milk, soft cheeses, and salads along with daily basis items. All the mentioned items are perishable after 4 hours.

     These items should be disallowed from the refrigerator as soon as possible after this time to save the other items safely.

How Long With Food Last In Fridge Without Power Los Angeles
  •  The food items which will still remain preserved after 4 hours are mustard, ketchup, jams, jellies, relishes, soy sauce, barbecue sauce, olives, rolls, bread, cakes without cream, bagels, cookies and muffins, fruits and vegetables, certain hard cheeses, etc.


Steps to Follow

  • 6 steps you have to take in this critical moment are as follows :
  • You have to be sure about the Fahrenheit of the freezer by using Appliance Thermometer I mentioned above. It should be Zero Degree or below. (-18° Celsius or below).
  • The refrigerator needs to be at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below. If you see the degree is in the mentioned degree, you can be sure that the food items are still safe.
  • You should not eat any items without test though the food items look bright, eatable or seem perfect.
How Long Will My Food Last In Fridge Without Power 2017
  •  Using dry ice and block ice in the coolers is very helpful to keep the items (milk, meat, and poultry) safe if the power is out. So, ice should be available in the freezer. At this, it will have a great use for any critical moment.
  •  You have to have awareness of not entering polluted water any way into the inner site.
  •  Keeping the related items jointly in it assists the foodstuffs to stay wintry longer.

You can visit the following site to get more information on using dry ice:

  • 10 Tips From Chloe:
  • The doors should be closed as much as possible to maintain the coldness.
  • Observe the result of the food thermometer consciously.
  • You should not directly taste any item giving in your mouth
  • If you see that the food possesses ice crystals enough, you can be sure about its safety.
  • You have to check all the packages of the food to be sure about the security if there is no observance thermometer available.
How Does A Refrigerator Work
  • Unpreserved food such as eggs, milk, cheese, fish, poultry, and leftovers should be discarded after 4 hours.
  • Look over the canned foods profoundly, keep them if they are eatable otherwise throw away they seem unsafe. (Don't regret!)
  • You must rinse the pans, utensils and ceramic entirely with soap mixing hot water. At this, the safety is deeply secured.
  • After washing properly, you have to wipe the inside of the unit with vinegar as it has a capacity to provide acid that obliterates mildew.
  • You can use cotton to soak the last drop of water from every portion of the inner places.
  • The usefulness of taking previous steps:

  There is a proverb that prevention is better than cure. So you have to take previous steps to aloof yourself from any unexpected problems.

 If the power goes off for a long period of time for one or another reason and the food in the refrigerator get rotten, it can spread unbearable odor. Its effect is very dangerous on us.

How Long Will Food Last In The Freezer Without Power

 So, we should not keep any spoiled items in it. While keeping food in it, you should look over the controlling power to be sure whether it is ok or not.

 You should also follow the flow of power about its perfection. Actually, doing everything from the inner sense will no doubt give you a good result.


 When the power goes out, it's also a chance for you to keep the freezer neat and clean. The internal part can be washed by boiling water. Then you need to rub it with soft cloths so that there does not have a drop of water in any place.

 Then, dry the internal parts opening it with sunlight for several hours at this its sustainability will be ensured. Doing all these things, you can hold the staying capability of the refrigerator for a long period of time.

You can refer to how to clean a refrigerator through the following video:

 To sum up, it can be asserted that freezer is one of our daily usable things. As it is an electronic device, it is our great expectation that our discussions and indications will be very helpful for you to know about its safe use. You have to be alert in the case of using it. 

 At last, thanks for reading this post. If you have any information, or any posts that suitable for me, you can always contact through here.

 Please share if you find this helpful, and comment if you think we need any changes. Glad to hear from you !

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