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What Color Light Is Best For Your Eyes?

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Written by Chloe Starr

 The White Light Bulb is very familiar to all of us nowadays. But do you know that there are many light-colored bulbs exist that is very easy to use, replace but have another use?

What Color Light Is Best For Your Eyes?

  To choose the perfect lamp for your eyes, in addition to Choosing the Best Desk Lamp, you also need to choose the suitable light Bulb for you. So, in this post, I have some knowledgeable ideas for you about the effect of the light with color.


 The result of multi-colored light can be both useful and harmful based on its use. In one hand, we can be benefited knowing the best use of the bulbs of the different color. On the contrary, unwise use of the lamp can damage your eyesight.

 So, making the proper use of the bulbs, all the unexpected and probable dangers can be avoided.

 You can refer how to choose the right light bulbs at here:

1. The Use Of Red Light Bulbs

In Studying Bed

 If it is a habit for you to read lying in bed at night; a red light is a good way to go on. In one hand, this light will help you widely to see the writings of the pages clearly. In the other hand, it will not create any problem in other’s sleep.

night light bulbs

 Moreover, the ray of the red light is also adjustable to your eyes. Considering this matter deeply, reading light is very useful to use at night.

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Checking Bed At Deep Night

 If you are looking after kids or newborn baby, you have a responsibility to look after them especially at night after their sleep. 

 The bright white light shouldn't be used in this case because the shining of the white light may wake them up.

what color of light is best for your eyes

 At this moment, the use of the red light is the best and safe as they ray of this light is less harsh. With the beam of this light, you can inspect the room slowly. It will also make you confirm about your kids’ sleep.

Use Of Red Light In Hospitals

 At night, the flash of white light can create harsh for the patients. In this case, red light is appropriate for their eyes.

 The nurses, doctors and respiratory therapists feel comfortable to inspect the skin, medical equipment – dialysis machines, ventilators and the patient’s medical chart easily under the glimmer of the red bulbs.

color light therapy

Inside The Vehicles

 The red lights are now freely used inside different shape of the vehicles. At this, the drivers feel comfortable to drive their cars at night.

 They can look at any object within a second and drive safely. This matter reduces the risk of the accident.

orange light bulbs

 Besides, the passers-by don’t feel any problem in their eyes while walking on the road if the beam of the red light from the cars comes to their eyes.

2. The Use Of Green Color Bulbs

 Green color bulbs have some merits. The circadian pace is appropriately controlled by this color of the bulb.

 Moreover, the green color is normally a favorite color to many people. The thing liking by the heart and mind gives a good feeling.

what color light is best for your eyes at night

 In this purpose, the ray of green color light can be bought to use in the house. In another point, it is mentionable that green paper can be given centralizing the light to cover it fully.​

3. The Usefulness Of Using Yellow Color Bulbs

 Yellow light has already achieved a vast popularity around the universe. The retina is very important part of our eyes.

 Its significance is really high, and its necessity is undeniable. To protect this sensitive part, yellow color light is very helpful.

what color of light is best for your eyes

 This color bulb is very effective, especially in the patient’s room. The persons using sunglass formed by yellow lens get good facilities. 

 A yellowish sunglass is widely helpful for the protection of the lens. So, the use of yellow color bulb can be considered to be the best color light for your eyes.

4. The Benefits Of Blue Color Bulbs

 At night, if the blue light bulb is used, it can be negative. It can delay the production of melatonin. The effect of the blue light is seen in memory also.

cheap light bulbs

 If the hormone of the body is not balanced or if it faces any hamper to produce, it will bring a bad result of people. It may cause more danger than blood pressure, diabetes, and headache.

 People may also face problem in their retina. So, the users should be conscious of using this light at night.


 The best color light for your eyes will come to the realization if you are conscious of some technologies that provide blue ray.

 While running computers and Smartphone, the users must be aware as these devices provide blue rays and can use a screen filter on the monitor of the computer and a good light screen on the display of the Smartphone.

what color light is best for your eyes

 At this, they can save themselves from being attacked with any un-predicted troubles. Such devices should not be used taking very close to the eyes. The users should maintain a safe distance.

 There is a proverb that “Prevention is better than cure". This important speech should be had in the mind of the users to get a good result.

 You can find more information on the harmful effect of blue lights here:

 Their works will be in a successive position, and any harm cannot touch them. In bars and clubs, black light tubes are commonly used. People should be aware in such places because blue color ray also comes from such type of light.


 In the end, it can clearly be said that the best color light for your eyes will be available in front of you if you are adequately aware of using the lights of multicolor.

 Actually, it depends on you about which color light you choose and which becomes bearable for your eyes. The best way to you is that you have to select it relying on your purpose.


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