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Basic Home Improvement Tools For DIY

basic home improvement tools
Written by Chloe Starr

​ Your house is something that you must take extra good care because it is not just a house, it’s your home.

 For the eagerness to save, people tend to disregard anything that needs to be maintained inside their house causing bigger damage that leads to spending more money to fix.

home improvement

 Preserving your home means doing small repairs yourself, you’ll find it easy to do so much time as you have the basic tools and eagerness to learn to do the basics and embracing becoming a DIY man. 

 Below are some of the essential tools needed for home improvement and some tips on how to maintain your house and do small repairs.


 You must keep these tools handy at home so that when a sudden repair is needed, you’ll be able to do it as soon as possible without you heading down to the store. These tools are considered essential for they are the usual tools needed for any ordinary repair and maintenance.

Claw Hammer

  Protruding useless nails that might cause harm, or a frame that needs to be hung, all these can be solved by a hammer. Don’t forget to stock some nails too.

cleaning and maintaining your home

Screwdrivers Set

 There are different types of screwdrivers. Screwdrivers are for those loose screws that need to be tightened. Trust me, your house is full of screws. Your doors, windows, they’re all with screws and nothing works best with screws than screwdrivers.

must-have tools at home


 Just like the screwdriver, pliers have different types too. Pliers are necessary for plumbing projects. You can also use this for cutting and twisting wires and pulling out loose thread screws or nails.

basic home improvement tools

Utility knife

 This tends to be very sharp that it can sometimes cut wires and some metals.

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 Is another must have. You wouldn’t know when an electrical shortage would take place so it is important to have a hand-held emergency light you can take anywhere.

Basic Tools for Home Improvement

Adjustable Wrench

 This matches several sizes of bolts and nuts because of the flexible design. Used mostly for plumbing.

must-have tools at home


 For marking spaces and putting a pattern.

basic DIY for home improvement


 Store a couple of sandpapers inside your toolbox, it’ll come in handy you’ll see.

cleaning and maintaining your home

Tape measure

 This is very useful for either getting the correct measurement of some interiors or used as the ruler for markings.

Basic Home Improvement Tools for DIY


 It is usually for cutting thick wood or some metals. The saw can be the regular one which is powered by the force of a hand or an electric one. If you’ll be using this often, I suggest you go for the electric saw.

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 For a more advanced tool selection for home improvement, you can check some reviews on handy tools you can use at home.


 With the basic tools at hand, improvisation and doing repair will come quickly. Here are some tips on how to keep your house well-maintained and beautiful.

​ Always check for any leaks in the plumbing. A small hole can become bigger causing more water leakage. Remember that water can cause damage to your floor especially if it is made of wood.

basic home improvement tools

 Try to check for creaking floors, it might need to be pinned down or check for termites’ infestation if you have a wooden floor.

must-have tools at home

 A clean home makes sure that unwanted dust and dirt to be properly taken care of. Dust and dirt can cause objects inside your house to deteriorate fast.

 Using a vacuum cleaner once a week can help take care of those dust problems. You can check the internet for your options for the best vacuum cleaner to use for your hardwood floors.

basic DIY for home improvement

 Try to check your roof once in a while. Check for some foreign objects on it that might cause damage in the future.

 But remember to take extra caution when doing this, you can use a binocular for this and ask someone to assist you if you are going to clean it.

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 Make it a habit to clean your gutters, debris flush down may be stuck inside that may cause clogging. Rainwater not drained properly can cause damage to your home exteriors.

cleaning and maintaining your home

 Please keep in mind that learning basic home improvements can help you save because you’ll be able to prevent possible damage that might cause you a lot in the future. You can check some tips on home improvement to help you.

 Author Bio: Anthony is a Home Improvement DIYer, who is interested in different projects of Home Improvement. He blogs at Equipment Area, where he shares tips, guides and reviews of different tools around the house.


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