10 Technologies To Implement In Every Smart Home

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Written by Chloe Starr

 Smart technology for homes might be a concept that just started recently, but it has developed quickly in just a few years. Smart devices built for smart homes are advanced nowadays and perform many duties automatically.

 There are many devices performing a wide range of duties; from improving security to energy conservation. If you are thinking of making your home smart, here are technologies you should implement.


 Gone are the days when heating and cooling systems required manual control. Smart thermostats are popular in smart homes as they automatically switch between heating and cooling based on the temperatures in your home.

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 These thermostats come with sensors which enable them to adjust temperatures in each room individually based on requirements. Some also have an interactive smartphone app that allows you to control temperatures from anywhere.


 Smart locks are an important addition to smart homes which prevent burglars and intruders from accessing your house. These locks require a special code to be keyed in before the door opens.

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 Advanced versions of the smart locks allow opening the door through a secure smartphone app. Some have voice recognition capability that allows a number of family members to use the feature. With many smart locks in the market, it is essential to consult a locks expert who will help you select the best smart lock for your home.


 A home can’t be considered to be smart if it doesn’t have a lighting control system. This system gives you the ability to turn lights on or off right from your smartphone. Not only will you turn lights on and off, but you can also see lights that are on and those that are off.

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 The lights can be adjusted to different levels of brightness too. Newest versions of smart lights come with LEDs that can illuminate in any color you want, helping you create that perfect mood. In addition, these smart lights are energy-efficient.


 With technology taking over homes, vacuuming hasn’t been left out. Robot vacuum cleaners have been introduced recently and they help clean your home without human supervision.

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 These devices are rechargeable and use built-in technology to create patterns that they follow while vacuuming the house. Select a good robot vacuum cleaner if you would like your heavy rugs and all kinds of floors cleaned spotlessly.


 Nothing matters more than your safety and that of your family. Until recently, getting a decent smart security system at a good price would have been extremely difficult. However, the advancement in technology has made it possible to build cheaper and more effective smart security systems.

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 A good security system consists of security cameras, smart gate locks, alarms, and security lights, among others. All these items can be controlled by a central system or right from your smartphone.


 Of all the electricity consumed in your home, about 15-20% of it is consumed when plugs and appliances are in primary mode. This is why you need an energy management system.

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 The energy management system helps you monitor and manage components that are consuming electricity but aren’t in use. You can even monitor the amount of energy each appliance uses and view appliances that rack up the most in energy bills.


 A smart home entertainment system is necessary for every smart home to complement the lifestyle. A good smart entertainment system comprises of brilliant home audio and video equipment with the ability to stream personalized music for each member of the family.

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 Modern entertainment systems also have a voice recognition feature for easier control. If there is enough space available, you can set up a modern home theatre with smart entertainment systems.


 As more smart appliances are being developed, there is need to get a central controller for easy management. A smart appliance control system has a central controller that can be used to put appliances on or off through Wi-Fi.

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The system not only controls appliances but also helps monitor their state, indicating whether they are on or off. In addition, they give statistics on energy usage.


A smart garage door opener ensures that you open your garage door easily and never forget to lock it. Many times, you may have found it difficult to open your garage doors when you drive home and it is raining heavily.

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With a smart garage door opener, you get to unlock the garage directly from your smartphone. The automated garage door also locks itself behind you.


Do you have kids that you always leave behind with the nanny when going to work? Do you leave your pet behind too? Monitoring systems are designed to help you keep an eye on any section of your home from any location.

There are many types of monitors including baby monitors which help you keep an eye on your baby while he or she is sleeping. Pet cams help you know the whereabouts of your pet and nanny cams help monitor how the nanny handles your kids.

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 Security monitoring equipment on the other hand help enhance the security of your property. You will get real-time alerts and you can even trigger a siren should there be an invasion. Monitoring systems that have night vision are the best.

 The above mentioned technologies are just but some of those that you can easily implement in your home. There are many other gadgets and devices that are also worth checking out. With more of these devices being developed, the future of smart homes is brighter than ever.

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